By engaging the skills of a mining labour hire specialist, you can meet your needs for skilled staff.

At Cloonmore People, we provide qualified personnel with a complete skill set to carry out all mining maintenance projects:

Total Maintenance Solutions

We have the capacity to fulfil all project maintenance requirements on a regular basis.

Equipment Commissioning

We provide technically qualified people to carry out on-site equipment commissioning.

Equipment Shutdowns

Our people are highly skilled in performing equipment shutdowns with minimal disruption.

Equipment Component Change-Out Programs

We can provide relevant trades people to conduct equipment component change-out programs.

Workshop Management and Supervision

Our supervisors and workshop efficiency specialists are trained in optimising workshop safety and productivity.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plans

We’ve got the skills to develop, implement and manage health, safety and environmental management plans.

Single Placement Labour Hire

We’re also able to fill individual positions for any size of project.

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