As the mining sector grows, so do the opportunities for skilled, motivated individuals. How far you go is up to you.

At Cloonmore People, we seek attitude, values and a motivation to succeed. We never lose sight of what’s important – to us and to our clients, it’s people. We place a high value on the human aspect of everything we do, and our approach to recruitment reflects this.

Be part of our culture

Our culture is the product of our values. We promote openness and communication, we listen and we engage. The years we’ve spent learning about how people work have given us a deep appreciation of career needs, goals and motivations. The result – a positive, open and supportive environment that attracts and rewards.

Discover new opportunities

Cloonmore People is part of Cloonmore – a mining consultancy that delivers asset optimisation, business improvement and business strategy services to mining organisations. For our candidates, this means more career prospects in the mining and resources sector. Not only do we look for opportunities for our applicants, we create them.

Grow with us

We’re in this business because we love interacting with people. We recognise our candidates as individuals and work with them to maximise their potential. As we get to know each person, we develop a real understanding of their skills, aspirations and expectations and as such, we’re better placed to present career opportunities.

Work safely

We have an uncompromising commitment to safety and believe there’s no excuse for unsafe behaviour. We work with companies who value safety as much as we do, we promote it and we look for individuals who share our focus. Always doing the right thing, communicating about risks and actively building a safe environment are ingrained in our culture.